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What is Taro Milk Tea?

After the What is Bubble Milk Tea blog, we mentioned Taro Milk Tea, which is one of Tea ’n’ Roll’s best sellers. Many ideas regarding this tasty drink have come to us, Therefore, this week, we decided to go into details about the Taro Milk Tea topic.

As you probably already know, Boba Milk Tea was created by the Taiwanese and became a favorite drink of mostly young people nowadays. Many tea stores have started to sell Boba Milk Tea as their core product and kept developing this delicious drink in various versions. For instance, Fruit Tea with boba or Grass Jelly Milk Tea. Consequently, Taro Milk Tea also belongs to that creative collection.

Similar to Boba Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea includes two main parts: Milk tea with Taro taste and boba, bubble, or tapioca pearl.

At Tea ’n’ Roll, we are serving Taro Milk Tea including boba and have three versions - hot, easy ice, and full ice, which allows you to enjoy our drinks throughout the year.

Taro Milk Tea’s taste is not easy to describe exactly. However, one can imagine, as it makes from Taro, which comes from South East Asia and belongs to the root vegetable family. The picture below will show you the appearance of the Taro root. Hence, its flavor is like cookies, light vanilla, and creamy. The buttery taste could be clearer when using oat milk instead of dairy milk. In our store, you can make your own decision with either oat milk or lactose–free milk when ordering.

One special point when you drink, Taro Milk Tea is its remarkable color. The purple color comes from the Taro itself; therefore, it is safe and normal for you to taste.

Like many other kinds of milk tea, boba is an irresistible part that one cannot be skipped inside a cup of Taro Milk Tea. Boba’s sweetness comes from vegan honey and brown sugar. The chewy boba is also an important element to make fans of Taro Milk Tea love it more and more.

To sum up, Taro Milk Tea is a must-try drink whenever you come to a bubble milk tea store such as Tea ’n’ Roll. Taro root brings to this delicate Taro Milk Tea the unique flavor that you can not find in any other drinks, and adding extra boba is highly recommended.

Taro Milk Tea and espresso is also a perfect combination that you should try at Tea 'n' Roll.

Spending quality time for yourself or making a date with your besties at Tea ’n’ Roll to drink Taro Milk Tea and balance with some savory snacks, for example, Tempura and Dumplings could be a great idea to recharge energy after a long day.

Actually, a thousand results might appear when searching “How to make Taro Milk Tea” on the internet these days. However, homemade milk tea always takes time. Fortunately, it is simple to order and get a cup of Taro Milk Tea in case you are in Finland now, especially in Lappeenranta. At Tea ’n’ Roll, you can order directly from our store, located at Urheilukatu 6, 53100 Lappeenranta, or send us your order via our website and pick it up by yourself. If you can not come to our store, we are also available on Wolt and Foodora. Let’s discover by yourself and enjoy our drinks in the way you want!


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