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What are the differences between Tapioca Boba and Popping Boba?

You might hear these words such as Tapioca Boba, Bubble, Pearl, and Popping Boba sometimes, they could make you confused. Through this blog, let us make them clear.

Firstly, Tapioca Boba has many different names, it is also called Bubble or Tapioca Pearl. Tapioca Boba is made from tapioca starch or starch from the cassava plant. It was invented by the Taiwanese and the perfect combination with milk tea that brought Tapioca Boba went all around and became a popular topping in East Asia. To know how tasty this drink could be, you can try out the Classic Milk Tea at Tea 'n' Roll from today!

You can call it either Tapioca Boba; Bubble or Pearl, you can name it.

The boba itself has a plain flavor, most of the sweetness and signature textures come after cooking and soaking it in sugar, at Tea ’n’ Roll, we are using vegan honey for these important stages, therefore, it made our Tapioca Boba has both special tastes and give customers a healthier option.

On the other hand, Popping Boba is usually known under other names, for example, Popping Juice Balls or Bursting Boba. It is a result of applying the Molecular Gastronomy cooking style. A seaweed extract and fruit juice are core ingredients to make Popping Boba. At Tea ’n’ Roll, our Popping Bobas have natural colors and are gluten-free.

Popping Boba contains fibre and protein, hence, you can be comfortable enjoying its fantastic flavors.

Secondly, soft, chewy with light sweetness are some amazing feelings that you might appreciate when tasting Tapioca Boba. Due to its neutral flavor, you could add it to any kind of drink, for example, tea, milk tea, coffee latte, and matcha latte. Additionally, it works well with hot beverages. On the opposite side, Popping Boba is filled with fruit juice, therefore, it brings to you more chances to mix and match with many iced drinks such as Green Apple, Lychee, and Lemon teas.

At Tea ’n’ Roll, we are serving 7 different popping boba flavors and 2 jellies. There are Mango, Passionfruit, Peach, Lychee, Lemon, Orange, Green Apple, Strawberry boba; Aloe, and Coffee Jellies.

Some tips when ordering your beverage with Tapioca Boba and Popping Boba at Tea ’n’ Roll, Tapioca Boba is included in our drinks belonging to the Milk Tea category. However, depending on how much you want, you can also require more or less amount with our cashier. This also applies to Popping Boba. It is suitable to order Tapioca and Popping Boba even though you are a Vegan or Vegetarian.

Right now, you can check our online menu before coming to the store, which can help you to save time. To update our new seasonal and recommended drinks, you can follow our Instagram account, we work actively there to share with you every newest product launching as well as must-try drinks.

Check our Must Try highlight usually.

Some pictures of our drinks with Tapioca Boba and Popping Boba that you can explore next time at Tea'n'Roll.

Summer could be unfulfilled without trying Iced Green Apple Tea.

Iced Lychee Tea is a great choice for hot sunny days.

From left to right, they are Strawberry Slush, Tiramisu Latte extra Tapioca Boba, and Chocolate Milk Tea extra Marshmallow. They all include Tapioca Boba.

We hope you now can distinguish the differences between Tapioca Boba and Popping Boba. Now enjoy your drink and see you in the next blog! <3


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