What do we have at Tea ’n’ Roll? – The first bubble tea store in Lappeenranta

If you have a chance to visit Lappeenranta, touring around this aesthetic green city with a cup of bubble tea and snacks might be a great idea.

Tea ’n’ Roll is a unique and brand-new bubble tea store in Lappeenranta, located in the South Karelia region of Finland. We are located at Urheilukatu 6, 53100 Lappeenranta. When you visit us for the first time, the impression you experience might be our friendly warm welcoming, and cozy atmosphere. During the summer, we offer outdoor seating for those who would like to enjoy the scenery.

Tea 'n' Roll out-door sitting

When coming to our Tea ‘n’ Roll store, you can order your drinks with two following options. First, you can order yourself at our self-order kiosk; everything is never easier than that with our clear pictures and detailed instructions.

The second option is making your order with our cashier. By taking your order, we are very thrilled to introduce and give you recommendations whenever you need us. Do not hesitate to let our staff know what you are considering. Especially, with both options, you can customize your drinks easily: either easy or full of ice, level of sugar, lactose-free milk or oat milk, and extra toppings.

Besides drinks, Tea ’n’ Roll also serves some Asian snacks such as Taiyaki – the famous Japanese fish-shaped pancake with sweet red bean filling.

Not only Tea ‘n’ Roll can provide you and your companions a cozy atmosphere, but we also provide other entertainments for those who are eager to show their talents. One of which is various kinds of board games that you can play and compete with your friends or show off your hidden talent with guitar. They are all there for you!

You are all welcoming at Tea ‘n’ Roll!

See you soon, our beloved customers 🥰

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